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If you wish to volunteer and be a part of our mission, or if you wish to donate to our cause, please reach out to us by calling 913-544-5902 or by sending us an email at

Welcome Dawn of Hope Children & Youth Project, Inc.

Every child deserves a home, clothes on their backs, food, education, love and care – this is something that we firmly believe in at Dawn of Hope Children & Youth Project, Inc. In line with this belief, our passionate staff and volunteers are here to provide:

  • Hope and guidance to the poor and orphaned children, youth, and children living in poverty in Kenyan communities. Our passionate staff and volunteers genuinely care about these children and they are more than willing to give their time to help guide them.
  • Basic needs such as food, water, clothes, and shelter, to the poor, orphaned and youth in Kenyan communities.

The above mentioned things are just some of the things that we strive to provide at Dawn of Hope Children & Youth Project, Inc. Everyone involved in our organization – our staff, volunteers, and those who donate, genuinely cares about the welfare of the youth in Kenyan communities and this is why we are working hard to organize and perform necessary educational, medical, and other positive community development missions in Kenyan communities.

We are a 501C (3) charitable organization.


Dawn of Hope Children & Youth Project, Inc.

Offers the following programs:

If you want to help us fulfill our charity work, please volunteer or make a donation. Your contribution is valuable.

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Our Mission is to educate and empower children and young adults to eradicate extreme poverty, injustice, social dilemma and improve health in African communities.


Our vision is to establish a dynamic empowered thriving children and young adult population with sustained academic excellence and dignified lives.

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