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founder of dawn of hope

My name is Alex Maina, the founder and CEO of Dawn of hope Children and Youth Project, Inc. I grew up and attended High school in Kenya, Africa. I was raised up in a family of six children. As most of you can relate, I grew up in a family that struggled every day to make the ends meet. Sometimes there were days that we went to bed hungry, because our parents could not get a casual job to get some money to buy food. I went through my primary school 8 years without owning a pair of shoes. I would get one piece of new clothes only in Christmas. That’s the only gift my parents could afford for Christmas. Most of the time me and my brothers would be suspended from school due to lack of school fees. Even the school fees for primary school was sometimes a challenge we could not afford it. My brothers and sister could not afford to attend high school due to luck of school fees. My high school was full of challenges. I could hardly study for a full semester without being sent home due to lack of school fees. My mother and my older brothers and sisters struggled to put me through high school. God is faithful and was able to graduate from high school through lots of financial challenges. I have witnessed firsthand how alcoholism can break families. I had alcoholics in my family and in my community. They never cared what their children eat, drink or their education. Basic needs was a challenge. I have seen young girls being taken advantage of by men who think their small money can buy them freedom to get away with abusing them. I have seen situations where smart young girls are forced to marry due to lack of school fees to further their education to high school or college. In most communities young men are lost to alcoholism and drug abuse. Today as I reflect back, all I can say is that I am blessed. Despite all the challenges I went through growing up, God had a plan for me. The sad thing is that most of this challenges still exist in our communities today. We have orphans whose parents died from HIV, alcoholism, cancer, diabetes complications among others. The question I asked my self is: How can I help this poor, orphan, children and youth to make a difference in their lives. That is how I ended up with Dawn of Hope Children and Youth Project to make a difference in our communities for our children’s and youth living in extreme poverty. Our goal is to give them hope and to improve the overall health, well-being, and living situation of the poor, orphaned children and youth in Kenyan communities.