Charity for a Greater Purpose

If you wish to volunteer and be a part of our mission, or if you wish to donate to our cause, please reach out to us by calling 913-544-5902 or by sending us an email at

Offer Scholarship to support their education from kindergarten to high school

At Dawn of Hope Children & Youth Project, Inc. we firmly believe that each child deserves a good education and this is why we endeavor to provide scholarship programs that are meant to help the youth and young adults in Kenya and other African communities.

On the other hand, we would greatly appreciate it as well if you could help out our cause and join our mission to provide scholarship programs to as many children as possible. With any and all donations that you can make, everything will go into helping us provide a scholarship for as many children that we can reach.

For more information about our scholarship programs, please contact us now by calling 913-544-5902 or by sending us an email at We would be happy to discuss our scholarship programs with you today!